About The Company

Crittenden Conversion CorpCrittenden Conversion, founded 1971, began by making improved parts for existing corrugated box-making machinery. We sought the highest grade of materials to make lasting parts; a higher quality of parts than the original manufacturer’s. These were not merely spare parts. We converted machines, one part at a time, into better, longer-lasting equipment. Therefore, our name–Crittenden Conversion.

Today, we not only make parts for other manufacturers’ equipment’ we manufacture our own line of box-making machinery. While making parts for other manufacturers’ equipment, we learned their weaknesses. We learned what breaks down and why. Applying those insights to our own equipment, we have improved longevity, efficiency, and safety.

Parts are still our main business. We know that at 30,000 boxes an hour you need your machines back on line fast without any compromise in part quality. We have always used innovative engineering techniques to do all we can from our end to keep your down time to a minimum.

With our highly trained craftsmen, and the most advanced technology in our field we can reproduce virtually any component by reverse engineering from a sample. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows precision machining, gear-cutting, complex fabrication and prototype design to effectively complete any job. So, if there is a part you need to replace, send us a sample: we’ll reproduce it.

We also stack thousands of parts and will ship them the same day you order. Because we’re a U.S. company, you won’t have to wait for overseas shipping. If we don’t have it in stock, we can usually make it within a few days. And we’ll make it stronger than the original at a lower cost. In addition, we will stock any high-wear specialty part you request.

We believe the integrity of the people behind the parts determines the integrity of the parts. We won’t settle for any thing less than your complete satisfaction. You have our word on it.

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